Version Information: October 12, 2013
1. Added Activity Time Pie Chart for entire duration of well August 27, 2013
1. Added TVD/TVDSS scale to depth track on LithLog July 13, 2013
1. More than one Group Display may be opened in separate browser tabs by holding down shift key and select Group Displays button.
The user may choose a different group display in each tab.
2. Two or more instances of DHI Live may be opened and the use may select a different well for each instance.  The last well selected in any instance is saved as the new default when DHI Live is next initially opened.  Scales and layouts are still common across multiple instances.
3. Depth PDF logs has been activated,  The keyfield time or MDepth follows the Group Display key field
4. PDF Logs may contain Log Scales, Use bottom Group Display Scale to set Left Scale to either .1, 1 or 10  Set Right Scale for number of log cycles.
    Each Curve displayed in Track must have same number of log cycles as bottom curve. May 17, 2013
1. Added Flow LIne Percent Flow Back Chart
1. Directional Plots now display in Google Chrom Browser when using https protocol (embed JQuery)
2. Removed Restriction not allowing databases starting with numbers 3. Changed admin status notification of non valid database names May 10, 2013
1. Changed TimeZone to float data type
2. admin Lat and Lon accept 7 decimal places
3. admin select company drop down also selects the client logo
4. admin added WellInfo View for selected previous well. May 9, 2013
1. The default chart on the users’ main page is scaled from the last real-time data time stamp rather than the current rig time
    This ensures the users chart displays data rather than a blank chart for inactive wells.
2. Added admin page May 6, 2013
1. Lith Percent draws correctly at upper and lower limits of lith track.

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